Energiron is the innovative HYL Direct Reduction Technology jointly developed by Tenova and Danieli.

ENERGIRON is as strong as the name suggests and the unique product of this technology is more than just direct reduced iron – it’s Energy combined with Iron – for the lowest cost and highest quality steelmaking applications.

Since it was established in February 2006, the ENERGIRON alliance has brought to the market the most revolutionary technology which strongly contributed to change the DRI world scenario, as confirmed by the several ENERGIRON DRP assigned. Among the achievements of the ENERGIRON collaboration have been the two largest Zero-Reformer DR plants aver realized, with a production capacity of 2.0 Mtpy at Suez Steel (Egypt) and 2.5Mtpy at Nucor (USA). Moreover, since 2009 Emirates Steel in Abu Dhabi has been operating the two most efficient hot DRI ENERGIRON units, each of which will reach a capacity of 2.0 Mtpy. As a consequence, after six years of successful collaboration, Danieli and Tenova HYL reconfirmed their exclusive alliance for an additional 10 years.

With this background and these long term prospectives, Danieli and Tenova HYL will continue to offer their combined experience to support the competitiveness of the steel producers and to enhance raw material quality and availability.