The High carbon DRI is a premium form of DRI, peculiar to the ENERGIRON direct reduction process. It’s defined as a DRI with a Carbon content greater than 3%, most of which (>90%) in Cementite (Fe3C) form. Traditionally DRI products have carbon levels around 1.5% or less; on the contrary ENERGIRON DRI can be produced with a wide range of carbon content (1.5÷4.0%) simply acting on few process parameters: humidity of the process gas and NG injection to the reactor’s cone. Carbon is a valuable element because adds chemical energy to the DRI, since in the EAF it’s required to reduce the remaining FeO in the DRI. Moreover, the high iron-carbide content, being concentrated in the outer part of the reduced pellets, contributes to form a kind of “shell” which helps prevent the re-oxidation of the pellet, providing a unique stability characteristic to this product. Energiron DRI is safer to transport and store in comparison to traditional DRI and, if required, can also be briquetted (High-C briquettes).