Hydrogen can be used as reducing gas for the ENERGIRON® plants, without any major modification to the original process scheme. In fact, ENERGIRON® plants are typically working with an H2/CO ratio in the range of 3÷5, therefore they are designed since the beginning to work with high H2 content. As a matter of fact, Hydrogen has always been the main reducing agent for this technology. Therefore, ENERGIRON® is already maximizing the use of this promising energy vector, which further improves the efficiency of the reducing process. In fact, faster reducing kinetics are achieved by using H2 as primary agent, about 5 times as compared to those based on CO. Moreover, this solution allows also to minimize the CO2 emissions. In fact, the by-product of iron ore reduction by CO is CO2, whilst the by-product of reduction by H2 is water.

Finally, thanks to the ENERGIRON® technology, it’s now possible to produce high grade steel in an economic and sustainable way.