The continuous development, optimization, and maturity achieved by the ENERGIRON Direct Reduction Process gives the flexibility that allows offering tailor made solutions for each user. This versatility leads to important advantages for each project related mainly to investment, raw materials/energy utilization, and by-products as the commercialization of CO2.

The main features of the technology ENERGIRON are the following:

  • Process scheme with or without Reformer
  • Product flexibility
  • Higher product quality
  • Possibility of Direct use of hot DRI in the EAF
  • Flexibility to process a wide range of iron ores
  • R&D and steelmaking support
  • Minimum reducing gas requirements
  • Lower production cost
  • Higher metallic yield
  • Lower production cost
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Use of alternative reducing gases


The ENERGIRON ZR (Zero Reformer) Process scheme is the latest achievement in reducing the size and improving the efficiency of direct reduction plants.

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Since 1980, this process is realized by means of an external reformer coupled with the typical reduction circuit, including the reactor, in which the reducing gas is circulated in counter current with solid material, that is moving downwards by gravity.


An additional technology that, on its own provides significant benefits for steelmakers, is the HYTEMP pneumatic transport system for sending hot DRI from the reduction reactor to the EAF shop.