ENERGIRON Technology is characterized by its unique configuration which is able to satisfy and exceed the current stringent environmental requirements worldwide:

  • The gaseous and water effluents of the process are the lowest and also easily controlled
  • Incorporation of selective carbon dioxide (CO2) removal systems has been a key factor over the past decade in significantly reducing the emissions levels, providing an additional source of revenue for the plant operator via the captured CO2
  • Integration with Blast Furnace, as well as adoption of Hydrogen as reducing gas allow further reduction on global CO2 emissions

With the lowest NOx quantity and the ability to selectively eliminate CO2 as an integral system makes ENERGIRON the most environmentally friendly option.

ENERGIRON is, without question, the cleanest Direct Reduction technology available. Depending on the configuration, an ENERGIRON plant can remove from 60 to 90% of total CO2 emissions, which in other technologies are flared or vented to the atmosphere. ENERGIRON plants offer the unique option of selective recovery of CO2, which can be cleaned and sold as a cash by-product. The CO2 absorption system not only captures the CO2, but also the sulfur, whenever present in the process gasstream, reducing the overall SO2 emission from the plant by around 99%. Regarding particle emissions from the process, the high operating pressure of the ENERGIRON shaft and its low gas velocities, and thus low fluidization and dragging force, results in less fines carry-over by top gas (<1% losses in top gas). This low loss of iron ore fines from the reduction process means less particle emission, as fines normally have to be cleaned from the recycle gas stream.

ENERGIRON technology fully complies with the strictest environmental regulations basically without using any additional equipment or systems in the process.


The selective capture of CO2, a by-product of the reduction reactions, is an intrinsic feature of the basic ENERGIRON process scheme.


Hydrogen can be used as reducing gas for the ENERGIRON plants, without any major modification to the original process scheme.